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Known as "Cilician Gate" in ancient era, the "Gülek Passage", which is an important point in the Anatolian road network and which has the meanings of the place of mountain pass and beautiful passage in the historical literature, is the sole and important passage that connects the South and the North each other on the Taurus Mountains. This passage connecting the Mediterranean Region and the Central Anatolian Region expresses such a narrow meaning today, but it actually has a much more important place in history. Even when viewed from the point of view of Ottoman history, it is an important point that connects the southern and northern parts of the Ottoman lands, provides the transition to the southern countries of the Ottoman Empire (e.g. Syria, Arabia) and through which "The Path of Hajj" passes as a compulsory direction. The importance of the passage was even greater in extraordinary situations, especially in the attacks on Anatolia. This passage, which forms the northern border of Cukurova, has played an important role in all wars since ancient times. After Alexander the Great and then the Romans, Gülek and its around was captured by the Islamic armies, and later on recaptured by Byzantines. Upon the beginning of the Anatolian influx of the Turkmen, the Mamluks took this region from the Armenian princes with the help of the Turks, and then Ottoman rule began in the region since 16th century. This passage bearing similarly the same value during the Ottoman period, once again showed how important it is during the significant events such as the rebellion of Kavalalı Mehmed Ali Pasha. In the light of this strategic significance, in this article, we will focus on the historical and strategic importance of this passage, especially in the framework of Ottoman history. Located on the Right Arm of the Anatolian Side in the Ottoman road system, this point is frequently mentioned on various occasions in many historical sources and archive documents. In the light of the data to be collected from these sources, the subject will be processed by using the methods of document review and literature screening and presented to the benefit of scientists.

Strategic Point, Mountain Pass, Passage, Ottoman Road System

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