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Nuclear Power Plants On The Vıew Publıc; Akkuyu (Mersin) Sample
The energy demand of Turkey increased in the last 40 years depending on social, economic, and social development. For fulfilment of this demand and to sustainable development, it emerged the need to generation of energy and increase diversity of energy sources. Therefore social, political and economic discussions has begun related to nuclear energy and this discussions continue for along years. Owing to these discussions any nuclear power plant hasn’t been established in Turkey for years. After the decision on conducting of nuclear power plant, the first of these plants was conducting in Akkuyu location. It is of very important in terms of social acceptance that demonstrate how an attitude of the people to the nuclear power plant in research area. A survey application was conducted in research for understanding of idea, interest and awareness level of public about Akkuyu nuclear plant. The results of this survey was evaluated in SPSS software. It was found that negative opinion of local people about nuclear power plants and suggestions were made on the subject.

Nuclear energy, Nuclear power plant, Social Acceptance of Mersin, Akkuyu

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