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The organization of teachers in Turkey started with Teachers Committee established in 1908 in İstanbul; then İstanbul hosted many teachers associations in between 1908-1920. In addition to this, there were teachers organizations in Edirne and Bursa at those times. The arriving of Mustafa Kemal in Ankara on 27 December 1919 made the city the headquarter of Independence War; and also its announcement as the official capital city on 13 October 1923 made positive effects in socio-cultural, political and economic terms. These effects, like in many fields, were seen in the formation of NGO’s, thus many Ankara centered associations and societies were established. Turkey Teachers Union, founded with the name “Union of Female and Male Teachers Associations of Turkey” (Türkiye Muallimeler ve Muallimler Dernekleri Birliği), was one of those associations. The Union adopted its current name in its general assembly in 1924 and took the teachers associations performing actions in various parts of Anatolia under its control. With the general aim of providing cooperation and solidarity among the teachers, the branchs performing under Turkey Teachers Union published periodicals in order to propagate their ideas and to raise the awareness of the public in different fields. Of these, the most long-running were Muallimler Mecmuası (1922-1925), (1930-1934) of İstanbul Teachers Union and Muallimler Birliği of Turkey Teachers Union. Moreover, Çanakkale Muallimler Birliği of Çanakkale Teachers Union, Dirlik of Kırşehir Teachers Union, Duygu ve Düşünce, Dilek and Yeni Dilek of Sivas Teachers Union, Trakya Bilgi Demeti of Edirne Teachers Union, Erzurum Muallimler Birliği of Erzurum Teachers Union, Kurtuluş Yolu of İskilip Teachers Union, Milli Mefkûre and Adana Mıntıkası Maarif Mecmuası of Adana Teachers Union, Yeşil Yaprak and Altın Yaprak of Bolu Teachers Union, Gül of Burdur Teachers Union, Birlik of Kastamonu Teachers Union and Trabzon Muallimler Birliği of Trabzon Teachers Union also served for the aforementioned aims

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