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An Analyze on The Web Sites of The Restaurants in The Cities That Are Included in UNESCO Creative Cities Network on Gastronomy
In these days the business web sites have become more essential as a marketing tool since the majority of people meet their requirements according to the information on the internet. With this point of view, the aim of this research consists analyzing the web sites of the restaurants which are serving in the cities that are included in UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The restaurants including this research are located in three countries which are in Creative Networks. These cities and the countries they are located in has been identified: Pharma-Italy, Gaziantep-Turkey, Zahle-Lebanon. In each of the cities, 20 restaurants have been analyzed. It has been defined 39 features derived from former studies for this research, the analyze has been done according to these features websites of restaurants in Phama, Gaziantep, and Zahle. As a result of this research, the websites of the restaurants which are in the cties mentioned don’t have enough website contents to serve for gastronomy tourism. Only 65 % of restaurants in Pharma, 55 % of restaurants in Gaziantep, and 35 % of restaurants in Zahle which are the issue in this research have websites. Moreover, it has been understood that the percentage of the restaurant in creative cities which have all the 39 features in their websites is 19,04. It has been indicated that the websites of the restaurant in Pharma has 25%, in the Gaziantep’s restaurants 20,79 %, and in the Zahle’s restaurants 11,32 % has defined features.

Web Site Analyze, gastronomy, Creative Cities, Restaurant.

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