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Speaking forms the basic of the communication which has an important role in social life. While speaking skill is developing, elementary school period is critical and in this period, teachers are the guides of the students. Before giving speaking education, there are important subjects that class teachers should be aware. The basic subjects are speech disorder, the qualities of a good speaker and students’ readiness level. These subjects are directly related to speaking education. When the class teachers have these qualities, they can give high quality speaking education. Giving an effective speaking education is in a relation with the teacher’s methods and techniques. Every method develops students’ speaking skill in different ways. When the students’ individual differences are taken into consideration, diversity of the methods provides to attain more students. This research was carried out by the class teachers in Mersin, 2014-2015 educational year. Forty class teachers participate in this research. That was taken pain over choosing volunteer participants and providing maximum variety. In this research datum were gained by the form of open –ended questions. Descriptive analysis was used for the analysis of the datum. These conclusions were attained by the research: What commonly mentioned as speech disorder of the students are mispronouncing of the words and letters, speaking with accent and having lack of vocabulary; in order to improve speech disorder correction and repetition are the common methods; it’s expressed that class teachers are usually making speech about current events; the common reason of choosing the methods of the teachers for speaking education is expressing themselves better.

Mother language teaching, speaking education, primary school teacher, teaching method, speaking acti

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