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Sociological approaches to urbanism have been developed since the 19th century because the city has a very complex structure. Positivist and ecological approaches as well as approaches in the framework of critical theory have been proposed. While grasping urban cause-effect relations and certain structures in positivist and ecological approaches, critical approaches question the structure of cities and argue that the city is not established in a fair order. Urban sociology is involved with many sub-disciplines. This study examined the city of Adana. Four districts of the city of Adana were analyzed by auto-ethnographic method. The results show that the city of Adana is formed in a completely crooked urbanization context, limiting the living space of people. It has also shown that the city of Adana is intertwined with the global and local culture both in the province of Cukurova in the north and partly in the province of Seyhan. Lately, the organization of festivals and the rise of cafés with global companies have shown that global cultures are influential. In addition, the education system has allowed young individuals to approach café culture and spend their leisure time and academic development in cafés and private libraries. Along with these findings, although the northern Adana city has been shown to be developed, the street children and street animals are concentrated in this region, revealing an unfair urban understanding. From the standpoint of social stratification, there is a very socio-economic class which is quite unfair. Despite the fact that many project work has been done on the city of Adana, historically rooted problems have still not been resolved. Especially in recent years, the settlement of Syrian immigrants to Adana has caused problems to increase.

Chicago School, urbanization, Critical Theory, Adana City

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