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Preservation of the industrial heritage is an important part of the development gains achieved by the protection of historical environments. Within the context of industrial heritage, traditional forms of production are local cultural values and disappear due to technological developments. The revitalization of abandoned traditional forms of production or being part of a conservation planning to be developed on a regional scale will contribute to the preservation of these values and to ensure the protection consciousness of the society in the settlement and to contribute to the economy of the region and the country. If the consciousness of protection is an advanced society, it will fulfill its duty of transferring cultural values to future generations by understanding its responsibility. This responsibility, abandoned the traditional form of production in Turkey bulgurculuk Mut bulgurhouses and is discussed in the article as a cultural heritage landscape that creates production. The amount of wheat and barley grown in the past is high, but it is insufficient to be processed and marketed as various products. While there is enough wheat in Karaman, climatic conditions are not suitable for traditional bulgur production. The process of drying in the sun during the processing of wheat is the starting point of Mut bulgurculuğunu. In the middle of the twentieth century, the bulgurism, which began at Mut mak, was firstly carried out in various parts of the district, then on Bulgucular Sokak for nearly a century, and with the introduction of machine production at the beginning of the twenty-first century, traditional bulgurism almost disappeared. Although it is not used today, the traditional bulgurhouses buildings in Bulgucular Sokak and the machines inside it, the barns and warehouses of the side business cattle breeding, the housing of workers, employers and other people living in the neighborhood, social texture and urban landscape elements should be protected as production heritage. These values, which have disappeared over time, can be preserved with an integrated planning approach compatible with the upper-scale environmental plan plans, together with all the necessary areas of conservation, by introducing the main theme of a conservation plan to be proposed for the whole of the district. As a result of the tourism income to be obtained as a result of district, regional and national economy can contribute. In this context; Mut has been introduced to the production legacy and the importance of the conservation planning for the whole of the Mut district has been emphasized.

Culture, Mut, Protection, Production Heritage Bulgurhane, Area Management

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