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Accents which occur in a dialect and which are based on phonological and phonetical differences of speech may be seen in diverse regions, cities, provinces and even in villages of a country. These differences are based on phonological changes which are not morphological. Out of the standard written languages, there are accents in world languages and these accents differ from each other at diverse rates as a result of geographical, economical, cultural and social effects. In daily speech, accent and dialect are used synonymously but accent is covered by dialect as already mentioned. The Turkish language of Turkey is named a dialect while Adana or Çukurova accent is the diversity of pronunciation situated in Turkish language and heard at a specific region. Beside the accent differences resulted from phonological and phonetical characteristics, specific differences in vocabulary usage may also be seen in the regions where the accent is dominant. A word which belongs to a specific region and is used only in this region may not mean anything in a different region. Besides, regional vocabulary may be lost in time. In this study, the usage frequencies of vocabulary peculiar to Adana were considered and the current usage extent of Adana accent in a world advancing technologically, economically, sociologically and culturally was tried to be analyzed. 66 participants took part in this study in which descriptive research design was used. In order to find out the frequency of accent usage among the respondents, SPSS 20.0 was used. It was found out at the end of the study that while most of the regional words are not used today, the words ‘’ abov, dönek, dam, he, cibinlik, darı, kele, namazla, ökenmek, teker, zaar, vallaha’’ are still known and used today.

Adana, Adana accent, frequency, local

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