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One of the questions of the Eastern Mediterranean’s history is the cause of the economic activity occurring in the Roman Emperial Period and the Late Antiquity. This can not be given clear answers about the reasons of the remarkable developments in the Anatolian, Syrian, Lebanon and Palestinian coast. Some scientists are standing on the Roman legions in the eastern Mediterranean that increase the production volume and gained considerable vitality to the economy. However, military expeditions, does not lead to the same economic development in all regions. The developments, observed especially between the 4th and 7th century AD, indicates that there are serious economic mobility in Cilicia. This situation contains some important clues that could shed light on this intriguing problem all over the Eastern Mediterranean. New settlements appeared in the region's coast; abnormally proliferation of the extent of agricultural production and rural farms and increase in the number of churches built, can be shown between the most concrete reflection of this economic activity. In addition to these developments has been an explosion in the production of Cilician originated LR1 amphorae which are belonging to the same time and found in almost every point of the ancient world. This view brings up some questions. For example, how was the political and commercial situation in the region, in Roman and Early Byzantine periods? In addition, how and who was providing it such a spread over a wide geographical area of the LR1 amphorae? In particular, it will be examined the foundation of Anazarbus and commercial mission in the region together with Aegeai and Tarsus.

Anazarbus, Aegeai, Tarsus, Cilicia, LR1 Amphorae

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