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Since human beings have occurred he always existed with his environment and continued its life and integrated with its surroundings. He has met around the needs required extent to which natural conditions permitting him to have resigned, has also been shaping power with evolving technology. In this respect, we look at spatial human and natural environment has been an ongoing interaction between man and the environment. But in the historical process of interaction with the human environment and consequent integration situation has undergone a change and transformation. So much so that in the process, protect the environment, respect him, so emphasis; The destruction of the environment, exploitation and pollution of the time, the space has varied according to factors that determine the values of the community and society. In this context, today's winning pace with globalization "spatial diversity", on the other hand can cause the results to be seen as a party of the environmental perception. Because environmental limits in space Considering the size of local, regional, national, international and global level to supply leading to a change. Especially industrial revolution after the intense population growth, migration from rural increasingly to urban, agricultural, domestic and industrial pollution, global climate change as a result of excessive consumption of the resulting climatic changes underground and aboveground resources, lead to many problems environmental problems such as the forests are not being sustainable basis is observed It has opened. This case originated from some policy management and time management problems sometimes arose as a result of the extent of the value given perspective on society and the environment. This study, in Antioch as well as managerial and administrative dimension in social ways, making the detection of environmental problems and aims to present the solutions. Interview techniques applied in this study and in particular including Antakya Municipality authorized personnel and the data obtained made public meeting on the subject in other institutions were evaluated and transferred to the study.

Space, Environmental Perception, Antakya, Environmental Issues

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