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Throughout the late fourth century, the Huns began to appear in the north of the Black Sea. While they moved to the west, they followed an unusual route contrary to their typical campaigns that was described by the Roman sources. Usually the Huns followed a route from the west part of the Caspian Sea, then along north of the Black Sea into Europe. Before the end of the fourth century, however, they began to take another route. In contrary to the ‘Hunnic grand strategy’ they crossed the south of the Caucasus, and reached into the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire, Armenia, Cappadocia, Mesopotamia and even Cilicia. This particular expedition was conspicuously recorded in many ancient texts including Latin, Greek and Syrian. In this paper, I will focus on this Hunnic campaign, which has been the subject of a controversy among the modern historians. The paper will examine early Turkic tracks in Cilicia and other parts of Anatolia, which was captured by another Turkic tribe about six centuries later. Any permanent effect of the Hunnic campaign was not confirmed. Its beginning point, north of the Caucasus, differed from the Seljuks’, which was Turkified there. But, owing to the Hunnic expedition, it is possible to assert that Turkic existence in east part of modern Turkey, as a target of the campaign of Turkic tribes, has an ancient background. This paper will both illuminate the contradictory campaign for which the Huns turned south of Caucasian Mountains and indicate the place of Anatolia and Cilicia in Turkic history.

Anatolia, Cilicia, Huns, Romans, Ancient Literature

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