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He was from one of the divan poets of 19th and 20th centuries, who had grown up in Adana. Hayret Efendi is also known as Adanalı Hoca Hayret Efendi because of his region. His real name was, Mehmet Bahaeddin Hayret. He was the son of a farmer dad, named Hacı Hüseyin Ağa. He had born in 1848, in Adana. He had finished his first education and had taken ratification by taking classes from important scholars of his age in Adana. Later on he had moved to İstanbul, in order to continue his education more professionaly in Madrasa. Hayret Efendi, who had taken his diploma from Darü’l muallimin by graduating from it, had started his teaching life in Adana and had been assigned to Adana Rüşdi Maktab, as Primary Teacher. After working in his town for a while he had been assigned to Söğüt Rüşdi Maktab in 1873. After resigning from this place and returning to İstanbul, Hayret Efendi had worked in several foundations and missions, including being private teacher then he had been assigned to Mekteb-i Sultani (Galatasaray Highschool) as literature teacher in 1879. The poet who had given lessons for a while in Darülfünun afteryears, had been deported to Rodos for five years because of an article had been published in 1909, written by him. Hayret Efendi, who had been forgiven by the government after a year from this event, had retired in 1911. Hayret had died in 1913 in Istanbul, and had been buried to Merkez Efendi Graveyard.

Hayret Efendi, Turkish Literature, Şehrâyin and Sihr-i Beyân, Adana

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