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By the fact that a number of trade commons and customs entered into field of law due to increasing commercial relations with Europe, it was uneasy for qadis who were in charge of solving complex cases, to pursue and be acquinted with abovementioned commons and customs, an exceptional commission was constituted in order to try commercial cases between foreign and Ottoman merchants in 1801. In conjuction with the proclamation of the Tanzimat, the commission was attached to the newly estabilished ministry of trade with the name of trade council. In 1847, by reconsidiring structure of the trade council it was agreed that members should be elected by the foreign government representatives to take place in equal numbers with the locals in cases regarding foreigners. In 1860, trade councils were converted to courts and their organizational structures were broadly revised. As in the other institutions of Tanzimat, trade courts took part also in city centers. In this context, the organizational structure of Adana Trade Court that estabilished in 1860 was following a typical course. The subject of our study is case records of Adana Trade Courts rather than its organizational structure. Therefore, estabilishment and or organizational structure of Adana Trade Court was briefly discussed. With reference to Trade Court case records, in what manner merchants claimed their rights, the conflicts between merchants and the way of their elimination by the Court, bankruptcy of merchants and their associations, ethnicity of mercantile class, products that are subjected to trade, the methods of payment, and again by basing on them, with which region trade was concentrated and suchlike plots were assesed and commercial life of Adana in the Tanzimat period was presented.

Tanzimat, commerce, case, Adana, merchant

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