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Cukurova region with its suitable geography, season and water sources has been the wintery land of stock raiser Turkmens and nomads during the history. Besides, the mountainous zones of the region have been used in summers being not as commonly used as wintery zones. Nomadic way of life, though not common as much as before, still goes on existing with some changes and transformations. In the region of Cukurova in winter, livestock raisers living in tents around barren lands as well as those moving their goods in track trailers are possibly seen. One of the social settings in which folk poets live and represent their mastery is nomadism. These nomad poets who are identified with their life styles have been the voice of the mentioned culture and stated this cultural element in their poems, songs and folk stories in a rich way. This voice which started in the 17th century by the poet Karacaoğlan and arrived at its peak in the 19th century by Dadaloğlu is continued by current Cukurova poets. Most of those having the theme of nomadism in their works are grown up in this culture and learnt this way of life by living. Some of the poets working on this theme were born in settled culture and their family and relatives were from this culture as well. Some of them even observed this way of life, learnt it and heard it around. Cukurova poets expressed the love of highlands, the sorrow of staying in Cukurova rather than moving to mountains, the migration between summer and winter settlements, migration ways, struggles between tribes, their own tribes, nomad beauties, the animals raised by the nomads (lamb, sheep, goat, camel, etc.), their products (cheese, butter, carpet, etc.) in their work scripts.

Folk poets from Çukurova, nomadism, nomad, folk poetry

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